Surf Contest Success

We would like to thank all the wonderful people who came out to participate and volunteer in our very first Isla Vista Surf Contest!

After a wise postponement due to lack of swell, we had great waves on the day of the competition which led to a great day of surfing.

We hope the event will be even more successful next year, with a waiting period that spans the first half of winter quarter!

Surf Contest Update & Sunday Beach Cleanup

The 2017 IV Surf Contest at Dreamies

The 2017 IV Surf Contest at Dreamies is happening this weekend!
The event will now be held from 
12-5:30 pm this Saturday, March 11th at Dogshit park. We apologize on behalf of mother nature for not providing us with ample stoke and waves on the original date.  For more information or to sign up as a contestant visit the webpage hereCheck-in for contestants will be at 12 pm sharp at Dogshit Park (Oceanside 68 Block of Del Playa Drive).

Volunteers Needed! Signup to Volunteer at this years Benefit Surf Contest by clicking here. Shifts highlighted in grey are no longer needed. Please update your availability, review tasks, and check-in for your shift on time!

We are optimistic about swell prediction for a this weekend. However, if the waves are unbearable and un-surfable we will be hosting a tarp surf session for contestants and audience members.

Please send any question regarding the Surf Contest to
Benny Drescher at
Join the Facebook event for more details and updates!

Surfrider Sunday Beach Cleanup

Take a study break on the beach and give back to our lovely Isla Vista community. Meet us at the beach entrance of Camino Pescadero Park between 2-4 pm this Sunday, March 12th! We’ll be waiting for you with free snacks, stickers, and all necessary beach cleanup supplies.

We hope to see you there!

Follow our Facebook page at Isla Vista Surfrider and Instagram @islavistasurfrider for more updates!

The 2017 Isla Vista Surf Contest at Dreamies

IV Surfrider is hosting the first ever Isla Vista Benefit Surf Contest at Dreamies!

The contest will happen on Saturday March 11th, 11AM-6PM! WE’RE NOW ACCEPTING INDIVIDUAL ENTRIES, Individuals must donate to enter.

Think of this as a contest comprised solely of expression sessions. We promote equality of all shapes and sizes – when it comes to board length, we’re pro-choice! Wax down your sticks, suit up, always wear protection, and watch out for crabs!

Dreamies is the reefbreak just to the right of Dogshit Park, if you’re facing the ocean. The suggested audience area will be at Dogshit Park but the beach is always best! If the waves do not coorporate, we will be moving the contest to the Devereux Stairs.

We will be accepting contestants in teams of five. Teams must sign up and buy in to the contest at least a week in advance. Late registration will be $10 extra ($35) and may not be accepted due to limited slots. You can sign your team up at the contest website: Community teams are being asked for a $25 buy-in donation. We will also be accepting teams representing Greek houses! Greek houses will be donating a sum of money as part of their philanthropy mission. We are asking Greek teams for a $150 buy-in donation.

This year’s contest proceeds will fund Isla Vista Surfrider’s purchase and distribution of reusable party cups made from 100% recycled plastic, and overflow donations will be sent to the Rainforest Action Network to benefit their Climate Action Fund. You can learn more about these initiatives at the event, or by checking out their websites!

If you are interested in donating money in exchange for cups, message IV Surfrider and/or come to the event to add your name and contact info to the bulk purchase sign up sheet at the contest next to the judging panel!

Cups: (Our bulk purchase will be much cheaper! We may also be able to afford spiffy logos to help foster sustainable use of the cups!)

Rainforest Action Network’s Climate Action Fund:

Facebook Page:

Surfrider Sunday Beach Cleanup

Sunday, February 26


Feel like it’s time to give back to our beautiful little beach town?

IV Surfrider is giving you the chance to make IV a better place while simultaneously enjoying good company and scenery this Sunday! Take a stroll on the beach that will leave our beaches pristine and you in a better mood than you woke up with.

Meet us at the beach access stairs at the end of the 68 block of DP (beginning of Sands path) between 2-4pm on Sunday! All necessary beach cleanup supplies will be provided. Thank you Adopt A Block for helping us make this happen.

Be A Part Of Our Team!

Isla Vista Surfrider is seeking interns for this school year!!! Follow the steps below to apply to be part of our awesome executive team.

Want to gain valuable internship experience, make a positive impact on the UCSB community, and meet some amazing individuals? We have 6 different internship opportunities available and we would love to get YOU more involved with our organization to make this year our best one yet! Both new and returning students are encouraged to apply.

What is IV Surfrider? Isla Vista Surfrider is a chapter of the international Surfrider Foundation. We are a nonprofit dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. Started by surfers, our group consists of surfers and ocean enthusiasts alike who are dedicated to protecting local coastlines. Below are the descriptions for the positions we have available. All interns are expected to commit a minimum of one year and to attend all IV Surfrider events that fit their schedules. If you are interested in applying, email us at with your answers to the questions at the bottom of this page and your resume. Applications are due by Sunday, October 9th, at midnight, and we will conduct interviews the following week. We are excited to welcome awesome new interns to the IV Surfrider team!
Here are the positions:

Ocean Friendly Gardens: Ocean Friendly Gardens is a program that focuses on the ability to revive our under-hydrated watersheds and polluted oceans by applying CPR (Conservation, Permeability and Retention) to our landscapes. Interns can draw from program guides to educate the public, assist professors in the research of coastal pathogenic pollution, engage in garden renovation projects, gain knowledge in policy changes, and be involved with other forms of outreach. We want highly motivated and innovative interns to expand the program and our projects. We want our IV interns to have the most successful projects possible while networking with important environmental and community organizations.
(3-4 positions available)

Blue Water Task Force: The Blue Water Task Force is a program focused on the water quality of our local beaches. We are seeking a team of interns to test the water quality of three of our local beaches once a week. Interns are responsible for the collection, testing and analysis of water samples as well as the reporting of this data. Additionally, interns will monitor water quality and conduct public outreach to educate our community about water quality issues.
(2-3 positions available)

Rise Above Plastics: RAP aims to raise awareness of the dangers of single-use plastics, like shopping bags, bottles, and take-out utensils. Interns will mainly assist the RAP Coordinators with various campaigns, such as Ocean Friendly Restaurants in IV and Reusable Water Bottles for UCSB Faculty. An ideal candidate is self-motivated, innovative, and works well in a team. A passion for protecting our oceans and beaches is a requisite. Responsibilities will include attending regular meetings (weekly or bimonthly, depending on the campaigns), creating and implementing media campaigns (digital and physical) tailored to our community, and assisting your RAP team.
(2 positions available)

Special Events Coordinator: IV Surfrider is looking for creative interns with the organizational skills to help plan beach cleanups, film screenings, fundraisers, and other impactful events. Responsibilities include contacting local business leaders and community members, acquiring necessary supplies, coordinating volunteer schedules, and promoting the events.
(2-3 position available)

Art Director: IV Surfrider is looking for a creative and enthusiastic intern to be the artistic touch to our organization. The intern must be flexible, utilizing design methods by hand and computer. Working with other interns, the Art Director will channel creative ideas to effectively convey messages and increase project impact. Some projects may include designing T-shirts, painting signs, and creating fliers.
(1 position available)

Concert Coordinator: Concert for the Coast is IV Surfrider’s biggest annual event. It is a day-long concert that is held in a park in Isla Vista. Surfrider is seeking a coordinator who would be responsible for assisting in putting on this awesome event! Responsibilities would include booking the bands, fundraising, and facilitating the event. We are looking for a freshman or sophomore that can continue the event after this year.
(1 position available)

Social Media Manager: IV Surfrider is looking for an articulate and creative intern to run our Facebook and Instagram pages and expand our social media presence. The intern should be able to remain up to date on current social media trends and reach out to target audiences. Responsibilities include researching current events, staying up to date on local and international issues relevant to Surfrider Foundation, publicizing IV Surfrider, and creating and promoting social media campaigns.
(1 position available)

Photographer: IV Surfrider is looking for interns with photography skills in capturing and editing breathtaking, informative still images. The position requires documenting all of our events and taking pictures for social media sites. These interns should be personable, outgoing, and self-motivated workers. This position will work very closely with the Social Media Manager and the two positions may be combined. Intern must provide his or her own equipment and editing software.
(1-2 positions available)

Website Designer: IV Surfrider is looking for an intern who can design and develop user interfaces utilizing responsive web design concepts and tools. The designer will be using WordPress to renovate and keep our website up to date, implementing aesthetically pleasing and interactive features. The intern will be expected to work with several different teams in IV Surfrider to create clarity and represent our mission. You will be able to improve your skill set while simultaneously expanding and enhancing your portfolio.
(1 position available)

Please, provide clear and concise responses to the following questions:
1. List all positions that you are interested in applying for, with a short description of why you would be interested in each respective role.

2. What qualifications do you possess that make you the best candidate for the position(s) for which you are applying?

3. What is your experience with or knowledge of the Surfrider Foundation or other coastal/environmental organizations?

4. While we value experience, we believe that motivation and dedication are just as important, if not more so. Please explain what motivates you to become involved in IV Surfrider and the level of dedication you plan to commit.

5. We are looking for individuals with the new ideas and creativity to grow our chapter. Please touch on some of your skills, interests, and hobbies that might help to improve or expand IV Surfrider.

6. (Optional) An ideal of environmentalism is to create sustainable communities. Our university and local community are actively working towards this goal. Do you think there is an initiative or project that might be missing in the community? We encourage you to look into the different environmentalist projects that are currently being pursued.

Surfrider Foundation Isla Vista Chapter

Surfrider Sunday Beach Cleanup Kickoff!!!

What better way to kick off the school year than with a Surfrider Sunday Beach Cleanup! If you love the ocean, enjoy long walks on the beach, need community service hours, or want to cure your hangover then this is the event for you!

Join us this Sunday for a chance to make IV a better place while simultaneously enjoying good company, snacks, and scenery! Cure your hangover with a nice stroll on the beach that will leave our beaches pristine and you in a better mood than you woke up with.

Meet us at the beach access Camino Pescadero Park between 3-5pm this Sunday, October 2nd! We’ll be waiting for you with free food, stickers, and all necessary beach cleanup supplies. Hope to see you there 🙂

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Upcoming Events: Find us here!!!

Welcome Week Tabling Event
September 23, 2016 @ 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
San Nic, Santa Rosa, and DLG lawns
Come by our table to learn more about our organization!

Ocean Fest
September 24, 2016 @ 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Campus Point Beach, Lagoon Rd, Isla Vista, CA 93117, USA
Come down to the beach with IV Surfrider and other environmental orgs to play games and learn about our coast and its protection! For more details, visit the facebook event at

Vote YES on Prop 67! Ban the plastic bag!

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-8-53-11-pm Do your part to keep our oceans clean ad plastic free! Vote yes on prop 67 to ban the plastic bag.

Beach Cleanup and WOODSTOCKS!

Love the ocean? Enjoy long walks on the beach? Need community service hours? Want to cure your hangover? Do you like FREE FOOD FROM WOODSTOCKS?!?!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then come out to our last beach cleanup of the quarter. Join us from 1-3pm at Camino Pescadero Park this Sunday, February 6th! To celebrate all of the trash we’ve kept off the beaches this quarter, we will have FREE FOOD donated by Woodstock’s Pizza for all of our volunteers! So get outside, do some good, eat some food, and make some friends. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We’ll be continuing our celebration after the cleanup at Woodstock’s for a fundraiser from 3-7pm. Come to help IV Surfrider keep our coast clean and beautiful!

Follow our Facebook page at Isla Vista Surfrider and on Instagram @islavistasurfrider for more updates!12745702_850588431716561_6448608707484181190_n

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