Water Quality Update

We have our weekly water quality results ready and are happy to announce that most of our local spots are looking much better this week with the exception of medium bacteria levels at Depressions and remaining high levels at Peskies. These spikes in bacteria levels could be caused by an array of factors, but is most likely due to localized runoff from Isla Vista–just more reason to keep IV clean! Also, even though the rest of the sites are showing low levels or no bacteria at all, the state still recommends you wait 72 hours until after the last rain event to go into the ocean. Stay safe out there Isla Vistans and good luck on finals!

Woodstock’s Fundraider!

Gauchos! Happy Friday and congratulations for making it through dead week. Bring your friends and celebrate the end of the quarter tomorrow at Woodstock Pizza with drinks and a slice. Show this flyer from 5-9pm for 25% of your purchase to go towards keeping our precious beaches and oceans clean! đŸ•

Sustainabili-Tea & IV Surfrider Bake Sale Event

Join us tomorrow (12/6) on the patio of the Isla Vista Food Co-op from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM for a tea tasting and IV Surfrider bake sale!! We will be selling yummy vegan baked goods and accepting donations! You can also learn more about our mission of protecting oceans, waves, and beaches as well as ways you can get involved. Come by to support in any way you can and pick up some delicious baked goods!!

Cigarette Butt Recycling Program

Don’t forget that you can now properly dispose of cigarette butts through our cig butt collection program thanks to TerraCycle! For every 50 cigarette butts you collect and drop off at Adopt A Block in IV you can get one community service hour! UCSB Greeks Go Green representatives will be authorized to sign off on the hour. Keep collecting!!

Last Beach Cleanup of the Quarter!

Don’t forget, last beach cleanup of the quarter TODAY at Camino Pescadero Park. We’ll be there from 11-1pm and hope to see all of you! Happy Sunday

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