Winter Quarter Beach Cleanups

The past two months have been extremely devastating and chaotic for Santa Barbara. The mudslides and big swells coming through have left TONS of trash on our shores. Come show your love for this beautiful town we call home and lend a hand at our beach cleanups this quarter! Dates shown below:

Meet us at Devereaux Beach stairs (far end of DP) from 11am-1pm on Sunday, January 28th for the first clean up of the new year. Hope to see you all there!



The Trump administration wants to open the Atlantic, Pacific, Eastern Gulf, and Arctic to new offshore oil and gas drilling. Offshore drilling is a dirty and destructive business that will harm our ocean and coastal communities. This is part of the largest assault on our ocean in American history. Make your voice heard and keep this disastrous new exploration from harming our coastlines.

Visit the Surfrider Foundation National website here for more information on what you can do to help!


Water Quality Testing

With air quality and health on the forefront of everybody’s minds this week, we’d like to introduce you to a similar service Isla Vista Surfrider is providing to the community! Our Blue Water Task Force team is now conducting regular ocean water quality testing. Just like you care about the air you breathe, you should care about the cleanliness of the ocean you swim, surf, and fish in. Expect regular updates on the quality of Sands, Pescadero, and Campus Point. Check before you surf! How will you help lower harmful bacteria counts in our oceans?

Test results and more detailed information can be found here!


Cigarette Butt Collection Competition

In light of current smoky events we wanted to give a big thanks to all of our participants in the recent cigarette waste collection contest, and a shout out to Sanuk for donating the contest prizes! 22 Participants collected a total of 747 grams of cigarette butts, which we estimate is equivalent to about 1,960 cigarette butts. WOAH! You all prevented a huge amount of toxic waste from polluting our beautiful ocean!



2017 State of the Beach

Sea level rise planning is an absolute must for all states. Considering that sea levels could rise up to six feet by the end of the century, it is critical coastal states implement climate change adaptation measures in order to protect coastal resources and taxpayers. Now is the time for coastal states to proactively and strategically plan for sea level rise to avoid the loss of beaches, homes, communities, public access, recreation and healthy ecosystems.

Our home state, California received the top Beach Report grade in the nation from the Surfrider National Headquarters. Here’s what they had to say:

“The state has some of the best coastal preservation and sea level rise planning polices in the nation. California continues to be the shining example of how to manage coastlines and plan for future sea level rise.”

Remember we are fighting for the coast nationwide, in addition to in your backyard!


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