Isla Vista Chapter

Our Team

The Isla Vista chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is an organization run by UC Santa Barbara students dedicated to the protection of our coasts. Check updates on our social media or contact us for internship opportunities and other ways to get involved!

Executive Board

Executive Director: Shawn Mallen

Director of Administration: Mariell Sabado

Director of External Affairs (Off-Campus): Hannah Dayton

Director of External Affairs (On-Campus): Jacob Bider

Director of Internal Affairs: Aidan Scott

Treasurer: Pierce Cavanaugh

Blue Water Task Force

Chair: Shey Dorji

Jeffrey Childs

Alia Ajina

Tasi LeDonne

Kylie Van De Wyngaerde

Jessica Vega

Chandler Barger

Ocean Friendly Gardens

Co-Chairs: Jacob Bider and Siena Hooper

Jessica Bixby

Nils Methot

Luisa Anderson

Miranda de Moraes

Emily Everett

Rise Above Plastics:

Chair: Kate Thomas

TĂ©a Chura

DaniRose Hill

Olivia Bowles

Lizzy Huaco

Madeline Myers

Daniela Laborinho Schwartz

Madeline Myers

Francesca Maramonte


Chair: Olivia Yazzolino

Kate Clarkson

Kristin Folsom

Tony Barbero

Sean McElroy

Concert For The Coast

Chair: Fredi Weitzel

Rylie Niebuhr

Claire Igawa

Hanna Sheehan

Communication and Marketing

Chair: Rachel Deng

Hannah Dayton

Sofia DiBenedetto

Jordan Whiting-Morales

Gigi Jackson

Art and Media Directors

Salina Manibog

Alyssa Urban

Justin Capone

Kara Gibson


Rachel Deng

Hannah Dayton

Justin Capone