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DSC_0005 (1)Marcus Vicari

Hi, my name is Marcus Vicari. I am a 3rd year Biopsychology major at UCSB. I love going on surfing, rockclimbing, and camping trips. I have been dedicated to surfing for a good portion of my life. Growing up in the South Bay of LA I have always seen Surfrider as an important presence that stands up for preserving surfers’ favorite waves. As the Co-Chair for IV Surfrider, my main goal is to raise awareness for Surfrider and stress its unique goal of ensuring the enjoyment of the ocean’s waves for all individuals.

DSC_0005 (1)Shane Dewees

Hi, my name is Shane Dewees  and I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies at UCSB. I am from San Clemente, CA and have been involved with Surfrider since I was a baby. Some of my earliest memories are sitting on my mom’s shoulder chanting,”Hey Hey, What do you say? Make the Toll Road go away!” at Surfrider protests. I love surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and anything else that gets me out into nature. I am stoked to be a Co-chair for the Isla Vista Chapter of Surfrider and continue to preserve our coast while meeting like-minded people. I am so thankful my mom got me involved in Surfrider way back when and instilled the importance of protecting the places we love!

Josh IngaJosh Inga

Hello, my name is Josh Inga and I am a third year Earth Science major with an emphasis in Geology and a minor in Cultural Anthropology at UCSB. I am a co-chair as well as a team leader for the Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) program which concentrates on the retrofit of home garden plots in order to reduce the negative consequences they may have on fragile ocean ecosystems. My love for the coast, which played a major factor in my decision to attend UCSB, stems from its grandiloquent beauty, yet unparalleled myriad of biodiversity and recreation all mixed together into one. I am also a scuba rescue/research diver and have been on several dives from Campus Point and in Isla Vista leading me to know first hand the crucial importance of a clean beach and a healthy ocean. A fun fact about myself is that i started my own profitable business growing and selling cacti and succulents.

unnamedSteven Ingraham

My name is Steven Ingraham and I am a 3rd year Communication major. I was born and raised in the South Bay of LA (Yes, theres a bay down there) and have been around the ocean my whole life. As a surfer, fisherman, and California native, I value the importance of protecting our coastlines from pollution and over development. I’m stoked to be able to combine my love of live music and coastal conservation with our 17th Annual Concert for the Coast!


12606780_10205576599675250_1731738366_nMarina Varano

I’m Marina Varano and I’m a fourth year Environmental Studies major and Earth Science minor.  I’m from San Diego, so I grew up spending most of my free time at the beach with friends and family.  Now that I live in IV, I’m in the water more than ever and couldn’t be happier.  One thing I love the most about the beaches in our community is the abundance of wildlife, nothing’s better than seeing a pod of dolphins or a flock of birds travel by you while surfing!  Since the ocean has been such a consistent source of happiness throughout my whole life, I owe Mother Nature big time, which is why I’m stoked to be Beach Cleanup Coordinator!

Charlotte Sedlock

Lexi Briggs

Jack KrullJack Krull

Hey, my name is Jack and I enjoy backpacking, climbing, and photography, but nothing beats surfing. I’m currently a freshman at UCSB studying Economics and I am passionate about keeping our local beaches clean and accessible to everyone.



Julia KuhlmanJulia Kuhlman

Hello! My name is Julia Kuhlman and I’m a second year Environmental Studies major, Spanish minor here at UCSB. I’m stoked to help keep our beaches and oceans plastic free as the Rise Above Plastics Coordinator. I’ve been in love with the ocean since I can remember and hope others will fall in love with it too! In my spare time I like to dance, explore the CA coast, and travel. I have a lot of places left to visit, but am so thankful I get to come home to Isla Vista.

Emma Vogan

Hi I’m Emma and I’m a 3rd year Environmental Studies major at UCSB. I’ve been involved with the Surfrider Foundation since I was 14, and I’m currently working on the Rise Above Plastics committee here in Isla Vista. I love teaching kids about the ocean, rock climbing, surfing, and figuring out ways to work art into any project I can. I’m stoked to get moving on more environmental education in our area!

Benny Drescher

I am a first-year undergraduate at UCSB studying for a degree in environmental studies. I am very excited to contribute to Isla Vista Surfrider’s Rise Above Plastics team! Having grown up in surf- and nature-rich Santa Cruz, I am half grom and half tree hugger. I like to think my spirit animal is an osprey, but some of my friends think I am more of a stork.

unnamed-6 copyMariell Sabado

Hello! My name is Mariell Sabado and I’m a first-year undergraduate pre-Biology major here at UCSB. I love being outdoors; whether its rafting in the rapids or just having a nice outing by the beach. I also enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures; getting to meet new people everywhere I go. As part of the Rise Above Plastics branch, I am eager to share and advocate my passion for our environment and how our individual actions can make a collective impact. I am thrilled to be a part of the Isla Vista Surfrider team to see what differences we can make in our community.

Jessie PowersJessie Powers

Hey I’m Jessie and I am a first year Global Studies major at UCSB. I grew up on the East Coast, right outside of Boston, and I’m excited to spend the next four years out here on the West Coast! The outdoors have always been a huge part of my life; I love to spend my free time at the beach, hiking, and traveling. I’m super stoked to be on the Rise Above Plastics team this year and help keep our beautiful beaches and ocean clean and plastic free!

Austin Bragg


Brie SheaBrie Shea

My name is Brie Shea and I am a first year Biology major here at UCSB!  I’m a member of the Blue Water Task Force, and I couldn’t be more excited about keeping our local beaches in great condition.  Since I grew up in the Sacramento valley, being able to see and hear the ocean everyday is incredible, and who doesn’t love finding sand in random places around their room?  A fun fact about me is that I am six feet tall and I happened to get a scholarship this year from the Sacramento Tall Club!

Monica LeFlore

Quincy Lee

Kenny Imery

Hi, my name is Kenny Imery and I’m a third year Aquatic Biology major at UCSB. I’m one of the Blue Water Task Force Outreach Coordinators for IV Surfrider. I’m originally from LA county and  I love everything outdoors. Some of my favorite pastimes are camping, hiking, and scuba diving. Last year I went camping to some super remote places in the Mohave and Yosemite and I also spent two months living on Catalina Island conducting Marine Biology research at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. My main goal as an intern for IV Surfrider is to expose as many people as I can to ocean life by getting them to be super stoked about a ton of cool activities like tide pooling and kayaking! Let’s all be advocates for ocean conservation and coastal management!


Amanda Shoemaker

My name is Amanda Shoemaker and I am just finishing my third year as an Environmental Studies major and Spanish minor here at UCSB. I have been a part of the OFG team for 3 years now and am excited to begin my fourth year as an IV surfrider member. I love to Stand Up Paddle surf, do yoga, and spend time outside and on the beach whenever I have free time.

Steve Maher

Hello, my name is Steve Maher and I am a fourth year Biopsychology major at UCSB. I grew up in San Diego and I have been fortunate enough to migrate up the coast to pursue my education. For the past three years I have worked for Environmental Health & Safety on campus, where we collect hazardous materials from Santa Barbara residents. Through this experience I have not only seen how much toxic waste one community can generate, but also seen first-hand the lack of awareness there is for proper means of disposal for everyday objects in an environmentally friendly fashion. I am so excited to be partnering up with IV Surfrider as an intern for Ocean Friendly Gardens because we all share this passion of preserving and protecting our oceans, as well as to inform our local population with the tools to join us in our quest.

Marina VanceMarina Vance

Hello! My name is Marina and I am in love with the ocean! I am a first year biology student at UCSB. I have been around the water since I was a little girl always splashing and playing. I continue to take advantage of any opportunity I have to be around the ocean which includes volunteering for beach cleanups, camping, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. I especially love the aquatic creatures that inhabit our beautiful oceans which why I love organizations like Surfrider who strive to keep the ocean as blue and sparkly as possible. I am a part of the Ocean Friendly Gardens Project in this chapter of Surfrider and I am more than excited to begin working with everybody to develop some amazing gardens as well as educate others about the importance of water run-off and ocean-gardening. Fun- Fact: I am half Thai and love to travel to new and exciting places. I love to visit my family in Thailand and eat Thai food.

Maria CarrilloMaria Carrillo

Hi, I’m Maria and I am a fourth year environmental studies major with a minor in english here at UCSB. I am a member of the OFG team and am so excited to spread my love for the environment through Surfrider. I grew up near Sequoia National Park and spent most of my childhood hiking among the big trees so I’ve had a love for nature since I can first remember. Amongst hiking I also love to spend my time gardening, doing yoga or going for a swim in the ocean.


Stefano McCoyStefano McCoy

Hi, I’m Stefano McCoy. Surfing and photography are two of my favorite past times. I am very excited to be the photography intern here at IV Surfrider Foundation. Born and raised in Palo Alto, CA, I am the Co-Founder of @Sbdronelife here in Santa Barbara.


Carly Daniels


Salina ManibogSalina Manibog

Hi, my name is Salina Manibog and I am a first year pre-bio major at UCSB. I was born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii and moved to the bay area of California a few years ago. When I was younger I was never ready to leave the beach when it was time to go. Still, I am constantly looking for a new reservoir to explore. On my free time I love going to the beach, hiking, running, and sculpting ceramics. I got involved with Surfrider about two years ago as the co-founder and co-president of the Surfrider Foundation Club at my High School. Preserving the ocean, protecting our planet as a whole, and meeting great people are all important passions of mine. I am ecstatic to be the new Social Media Manager Intern for Isla Vista Surfrider and can’t wait for the amazing year we have ahead of us.