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Marcus Vicari

Shane Dewees

Jacqueline Zintel

Josh Inga


Vivian Reed

KayleeKaylee Latimer

Hi, I am Kaylee Latimer and I am one of the Outreach Coordinators for IV Surfrider. I grew up in San Diego and would go to the beach nearly every day during the summer. I boogie board, body surf, and swim with the occasional attempt at surfing. A fun fact about me is that I have been to ten countries, about fifteen Nation Parks, and over twenty states in the U.S


Marcus Vicari


Julia KuhlmanJulia Kuhlman

Julia is stoked to be the Rise Above Plastics coordinator for IV Surfrider. She grew up on the beaches of southern California and has seen firsthand the negative effects of plastic in our oceans. When she’s not guilt tripping people into buying reusable water bottles, Julia enjoys running on the beach and all styles of dancing. Fun fact: she’s visited over 10 countries!



Shane Dewees

Jacqueline Zintel

Brie SheaBrie Shea

My name is Brie Shea and I am a first year Biology major here at UCSB!  I’m a member of the Blue Water Task Force, and I couldn’t be more excited about keeping our local beaches in great condition.  Since I grew up in the Sacramento valley, being able to see and hear the ocean everyday is incredible, and who doesn’t love finding sand in random places around their room?  A fun fact about me is that I am six feet tall and I happened to get a scholarship this year from the Sacramento Tall Club!


Megan Roy

Amanda Shoemaker

Josh IngaJosh Inga

Hello, my name is Josh Inga and I am a first year Earth Science major in the Honors Program at UCSB. I am an intern for the Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) program which concentrates on the retrofit of home garden plots in order to reduce the negative consequences they may have on fragile ocean ecosystems. My team of bright interns and I seek to join together to create an awe inspiring, yet eco-friendly garden restoration project in this coming year. My love for the coast, which played a major factor in my decision to attend UCSB, stems from its grandiloquent beauty, yet unparalleled myriad of biodiversity and recreation all mixed together into one. A fun fact about myself is that i started my own profitable business growing and selling cacti and succulents.

Codi HaleCodi Hale

I am a senior at the University of California Santa Barbara, pursuing a double major in Global Studies and Sociology. This is my first year involved with IV Surfrider and I couldn’t be more excited! I am a member of the Ocean Friendly Gardens Committee, something that I am very passionate about. I grew up with a love of gardens and playing in the dirt, since my parents’ jobs and hobbies both involved working with plants. However, living on the coast is new to me because I grew up in Palm Springs, surrounded by sand but no ocean! I spent most of my summers in Encinitas to escape the heat, and it was there that I developed a love for the beach and all things coastal. I am so lucky to be able to live here, and it only seems fair that I do all I can to protect what makes this place so magical and unique. This opportunity to learn, create, and promote awareness about conservation and protection of the coast is truly a blessing.  Fun Fact: At one point in my life, my family owned 13 cats. I have already accepted my destiny of being a crazy cat lady.

Marina VanceMarina Vance

Hello! My name is Marina and I am in love with the ocean! I am a first year biology student at UCSB. I have been around the water since I was a little girl always splashing and playing. I continue to take advantage of any opportunity I have to be around the ocean which includes volunteering for beach cleanups, camping, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding. I especially love the aquatic creatures that inhabit our beautiful oceans which why I love organizations like Surfrider who strive to keep the ocean as blue and sparkly as possible. I am a part of the Ocean Friendly Gardens Project in this chapter of Surfrider and I am more than excited to begin working with everybody to develop some amazing gardens as well as educate others about the importance of water run-off and ocean-gardening. Fun- Fact: I am half Thai and love to travel to new and exciting places. I love to visit my family in Thailand and eat Thai food.