Benny Drescher, President

Hi, I’m Benny, an undergraduate at UCSB studying for a B.S. degree in environmental studies. Having grown up in surf- and nature-rich Santa Cruz, I am half grom and half tree hugger. I pursue and promote sustainability in my life and community by promoting DIY and scavenger lifestyles. I garden, repair old clothing, compost and collect building/crafts materials from waste streams. I got involved with Surfrider as a freshman to confront plastic overconsumption and have been working ever since on projects such as a Bring Your Own Cup campaign, reusable cup campaign, and a broken surfware collection site.

Salina Manibog, VP Internal Affairs

Hi, my name is Salina Manibog and I am a second year pre-bio major at UCSB. I was born and raised in Kauai, Hawaii and moved to the bay area of California a few years ago. I am constantly looking for a new reservoir to explore. On my free time I love going to the beach, hiking, running, and sculpting ceramics. I got involved with Surfrider about 4 years ago as the co-founder and co-president of the Surfrider Foundation Club at my High School. I continued my Surfrider involvement at UCSB with Isla Vista Surfrider and have grown to love the chapter. Preserving the ocean, protecting our planet as a whole, and meeting great people are all important passions of mine. I am happy to be the Social Media Manager Intern for Isla Vista Surfrider and can’t wait for the amazing year we have ahead of us.

Scott Webb, VP External Affairs

Hey there, my name is Scott Webb and I am a senior studying Hydrological Sciences with a policy emphasis at UCSB.I have always been an outdoorsy and ocean oriented individual, living a jog away from Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa, and a short drive from the pristine Sonoma Coast. Outside of school I enjoy surfing, backpacking (wilderness and hosteling), running, and playing/performing music. A grassroots organization such as Surfrider who fights for easy public beach access as well as maintaining healthy water quality is something I am very proud to be a part of.

Lexi Briggs, VP Administration & Secretary

Aidan Scott, Treasurer



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Marcus Vicari, Chair

Hi, my name is Marcus Vicari. I am a 4th year Biopsychology major at UCSB. I love going on surfing, rockclimbing, and camping trips. I have been dedicated to surfing for a good portion of my life. Growing up in the South Bay of LA, I have always seen Surfrider Foundation as an important presence that stands up for preserving surfers’ favorite waves. As the President for IV Surfrider, my main goal is to raise awareness for Surfrider and stress its unique mission of ensuring the enjoyment of the ocean’s waves for all individuals.

Megan Hooper

Hey! I’m Megan Hooper, I’m a first year economics and accounting major at UCSB. I’m originally from Baltimore, MD right in the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay. During my free time you can find me hiking, gardening, cooking, or hanging out at the beach. My love for the ocean stemmed from spending most of my younger years sailing in the harbor and setting crab traps outside of my grandparents house in Annapolis. I became interested in the health of the ocean after studying abroad in the Bahamas for a month in highschool. I spent my time on the Island of Eleuthera studying the effects of plastics on marine life and collecting research on deep sea isopods off shore. Being so close to the ocean here at UCSB, I knew I had to get involved with others who loved the ocean as much as I do. I am excited to join the Isla Vista Surfrider Foundation as a Special Events Coordinator Intern!

Kristin Folsom

Hey guys, my name is Kristin Folsom and I’m a second year UCSB student majoring in Global Studies. This is my first year being involved with the Surfrider Foundation, but I have been volunteering with organizations looking out for the ocean since I was little! I grew up in Oceanside, going to various beaches in Southern California year-round. Something I noticed at a lot of these beaches was that, while people appreciated the ocean for its beauty, there didn’t seem to be much concern for its wellbeing. Whether it was locals leaving trash in the sand or tourists crowding harbor seals in La Jolla, there was a lack of respect for the ocean and its inhabitants. I am very excited to be invloved with Surfrider because now I get to help an organization with an ocean-friendly mindset take steps to protect the ocean!

Aidan Scott

Lexi Briggs




Steven Ingraham, Chair

My name is Steven Ingraham and I am a 3rd year Communication major. I was born and raised in the South Bay of LA (Yes, theres a bay down there) and have been around the ocean my whole life. As a surfer, fisherman, and California native, I value the importance of protecting our coastlines from pollution and over development. I’m stoked to be able to combine my love of live music and coastal conservation with our 17th Annual Concert for the Coast!

Fredi Weitzel

I am a current first year helping coordinate this year’s Concert for the Coast!



Mitchell Solkov



Julia Kuhlman

Julia Kuhlman, Chair

Hello! My name is Julia Kuhlman and I’m a second year Environmental Studies major, Spanish minor here at UCSB. I’m stoked to help keep our beaches and oceans plastic free as the Rise Above Plastics Coordinator. I’ve been in love with the ocean since I can remember and hope others will fall in love with it too! In my spare time I like to dance, explore the CA coast, and travel. I have a lot of places left to visit, but am so thankful I get to come home to Isla Vista.

unnamed-6 copyMariell Sabado

Hey! My name is Mariell Sabado and I am a third year Biology major and Music minor at UCSB. I am the Rise Above Plastics Chair for the Isla Vista Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, and I am eager to bring our best effort to eliminate single use plastics with our new RAP team this year. I was raised in San Diego, California and enjoy playing the guitar, painting, and exploring the great outdoors. Can’t wait to see what our chapter brings to the table this year, stay stoked!

Colette Lowry 

Hi! My name is Colette Lowry and I am a first year studying Political Science at UCSB. I grew up in the SF Bay Area, right next to the ocean. In my free time you can find me hiking, backpacking, or at the beach! My best memories come from being outside and it is these experiences that helped fueled my passion for protecting the environment. I became especially involved in ocean conservation after I volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center, a marine mammal hospital that functions to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured marine animals. Seeing firsthand the effects that humans have on these creatures made me want to not only spread awareness about ocean health and preservation, but also seek action; which is exactly why I joined Surfrider! I am stoked to be an intern for the Rise Above Plastics Campaign this year.

Téa Chura

Hi! I’m Téa, and I’m currently a first year majoring in both Environmental Studies and Political Science at UCSB. I hope to go to law school and eventually improve federal environmental policy. Originally from Chicago, I knew California would be a better fit for my future. Some activities I enjoy (besides sharing my political views) are beach yoga, vegan cooking, playing guitar, beach volleyball, and listening to live music. I’m definitely a tree hugger and have a love for the ocean, so Surfrider is the perfect niche. I’m super happy with this opportunity as a Rise Above Plastics intern, as I love being proactive about protecting our coasts and limiting waste. Excited for the future!

Benny Drescher

Erin Morgan



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Shane Dewees, Chair

Hi, my name is Shane Dewees  and I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies at UCSB. I am from San Clemente, CA and have been involved with Surfrider since I was a baby. Some of my earliest memories are sitting on my mom’s shoulder chanting,”Hey Hey, What do you say? Make the Toll Road go away!” at Surfrider protests. I love surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, and anything else that gets me out into nature. I am stoked to be a Co-chair for the Isla Vista Chapter of Surfrider and continue to preserve our coast while meeting like-minded people. I am so thankful my mom got me involved in Surfrider way back when and instilled the importance of protecting the places we love!

Marina Fennell

Hello, my name is Marina! I am a California girl born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area. I love the ocean and California’s beautiful coasts because I have been a sailor for my entire life. Having sailed out of harbors all along California’s coast, I have seen what love and attention (or lack thereof) can do to a coastline, and the neighboring ocean. I joined Surfriders this year becuase I wanted to get more involved with clubs on campus that had to do with protecting the environment, and Surfriders has been just that! I am currently a third year Earth Science major with an emphasis in Climate, and I hope to continue on with graduate school in the next few years.

Shawn Mallen

Hey, I’m Shawn Mallen and I’m the Chair of the Blue Water Task Force here in IV Surfrider. I organize ocean water quality testing at your favorite surf spots around IV. I’m stoked on making the water a safer place to swim and surf in. See you (hopefully healthy from clean water) in the lineup!

Kylie Van De Wyngaerde

Yoo, my name is Kylie Van De Wyngaerde and I am a second year Biology major emphasizing on Marine Science at UCSB. I got involved with Surfrider this year as one of the water testing specialists on Blue Water Task Force for the Isla Vista chapter, and I’m stoked to keep our town current on water health and saftey. I grew up in the east Bay Area further from water than I’d like to be, but was lucky to have parents that drove me to and chucked me in the ocean at an early age. Surfing up and down the California coast and scuba diving in our giant kelp forests showed me how beautiful this environment is that we have access to and what an important task it is to preserve it. Being a part of the Isla Vista chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has united me with so many people who are just as stoked about protecting our waves as I am!

Drew Ferguson

I am a part of IV Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force. An an Environmental Studies major, I find costal protection and management very interesting, and BWTF is the perfect team to allow me to get a deeper understanding of my passion. I only recently joined the Surfrider team towards the end of my sophomore year, but I already feel so welcome and involved in the club!

Quincy Lee

Scott Webb



Josh Inga

Josh Inga, Chair

Hello, my name is Josh Inga and I am a third year Earth Science major with an emphasis in Geology and a minor in Cultural Anthropology at UCSB. I am a co-chair as well as a team leader for the Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) program which concentrates on the retrofit of home garden plots in order to reduce the negative consequences they may have on fragile ocean ecosystems. My love for the coast, which played a major factor in my decision to attend UCSB, stems from its grandiloquent beauty, yet unparalleled myriad of biodiversity and recreation all mixed together into one. I am also a scuba rescue/research diver and have been on several dives from Campus Point and in Isla Vista leading me to know first hand the crucial importance of a clean beach and a healthy ocean. A fun fact about myself is that i started my own profitable business growing and selling cacti and succulents.

Can Cao

Hey! I am Can Cao and I am a junior Environmental Studies B.S. major and a minor in Chemistry at UCSB. I am an international student from China. I have been staying in the US for three years. Before I came to UCSB, I never lived so close to the ocean. My passion for the beach derived from spending my spare time on the beach. I found I always have something to do when I go to the beach, and I feel there is no sound in the world better than the lapping of waves on the beach! : ) I feel responsible to keep our ocean and beach clean and healthy and this is why I join IV Surfirder. I am very excited to be a new intern of Ocean Friendly Garden program and spread my love for the environment through IV Surfrider.

Isabelle Runde

Hey! My name is Isabelle Runde and I am a first year Pre-Earth Science major. I am from Los Alamos, New Mexico, which is a small town in the Jemez mountains. Back home, I spent most of my time hiking and wandering around the mesas, mountains, and plains of New Mexico and discovering the local hidden gems. Living along the California coast is new to me, but very exciting and refreshing. Instead of having mountains in my backyard, I now have beaches. Getting involved in Surf Rider gives me the opportunity to explore, appreciate and protect the environment that is my new home. I am very excited to be part of the Ocean Friendly Gardens group!

Luke Buchanan

My name is Luke Buchanan, I surf the polluted waters of coal oil point. I try to see the signs, sea the sines. I’m an intern in Ocean Friendly gardens. I beleive in Gary Snyder’s sustainable values of getting humanity back to a communal living paradigm based around watersheds. I am working to improve The Ecosystem through community gardening.



Hannah Dayton

Hi, my name is Hannah, I am a first year Communication major at UCSB. I grew up in the small beach town of East Hampton, NY. I am one of the photographers for IV Surfrider. I️ joined Surfrider because I️ am passionate about keeping our beaches clean and beautiful! In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, going to the beach, taking photos, doing yoga, and cooking delicious good food!

Stephanie Foster



Maya Yokoyama

Hey, my name is Maya and I’m an environmental studies and art double major at UCSB! I’m from Santa Cruz, California and have grown up in an environmentally aware culture. I aim to use my art in a way that can promote ocean-friendly habits and increase awareness of how we impact the natural world around us. In my free time, I like to collect seacglass, go hiking, and paint murals. This is my first year with Surfrider, and I am beyond excited to work with others who have the same passion for preserving nature as I do!

Alyssa Urban



Salina Manibog, Chair

Sofia DiBenedetto

Hi! My name is Sofia DiBenedetto, I’m a second year Environmental Studies major at UCSB, and I’m so happy to be a part of the Surfrider foundation! My passion for the ocean has definitely stemmed from where I was raised. I grew up in Berkeley, a very liberal and environmentally conscious town in the Bay Area. Now living in the beautiful beach town of Isla Vista, I’ve lived by the ocean my entire life. When I’m not in school, I’m usually hiking, climbing rocks, tanning at the beach, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, or most of all, watching Netflix. I’m also possibly the biggest dog lover you will ever meet. Since surfrider is hands down one of the coolest organizations in IV/California, I’m stoked to be the new Social Media intern!



Andrew Shults

Hello there! My name is Andrew Shults. I’m from Huntington Beach, California. Currently a fourth year linguistics major at UCSB with an emphasis in speech and language technologies. I’ve spent my entire life living within 10 minutes of the water and so the Surfrider mission to protect and enjoy the ocean is near and dear to my heart. I love Isla Vista and everything about it, especially the music scene as I am a musician myself. I love to be active and outdoors, and I like to take any chance I can to play sports, go hiking, go camping, or anything of that nature. I’m excited to be the Web Designer and help out the team in anyway I can.

David D’lima